OliviaKonig Voice Artist

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Fresh & Friendly.  Confident & Clear.  Enthusiastic & Strong.  Measured & Informative.

I appreciate every production has a different budget, so please get in touch to discuss rates.



mob: 07879 803614


With more than 15 years experience as a voice artist I have worked on a wide variety of projects and having my own studio enables me to work to tight deadlines no matter where you may be based.


Absolut Vodka, Sony Ericsson, Flip Camera, GMTV, Classic FM, Channel 5, ITV's This Morning, The Economist, The Guardian, The History Channel, Eurosport, Little Life, Herman Miller, The Association for International Cancer Research, Auto-Trader, Novo Nordisk, Transport For London, Airbus, Peugeot, BMW, Diagio, Citroen, HSBC, Toyota & Aerobed.